What Are the Top Home Automation Brands?

The home automation industry is rapidly growing, with an expected market value of 151.4 billion USD by 2024. As technology continues to advance, more and more people are looking for ways to automate their homes for convenience, security, and energy efficiency. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right home automation brand for your needs. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the top-rated and leading home automation brands and companies in the market.

what are the top home automation brands?

Key Takeaways:

  • There is significant growth in the home automation market, which is expected to reach 151.4 billion USD by 2024.
  • Big tech players have started investing in home automation solutions due to the potential of the market.
  • Choosing the right home automation brand is important to ensure reliable and innovative solutions for your smart home.
  • The top home automation brands offer a wide range of products, including security systems, smart locks, controllers, and more.
  • Consider factors such as compatibility, ease of use, customer reviews, and product warranties when selecting a home automation brand.


Canary, a New York-based startup founded in 2014, is a recognized leader in the field of home security systems and automation. With a strong focus on providing comprehensive security solutions, Canary has raised an impressive 66.1 million USD in funding. Their flagship product, the Canary Pro security camera, offers more than just surveillance capabilities.

The Canary Pro is a comprehensive home security system that combines advanced camera technology with additional features, such as a built-in siren and air monitoring capabilities. This all-in-one setup ensures that your home is protected from intruders while also keeping an eye on the overall air quality.

One of the things that sets Canary apart from other home security systems is its easy-to-use mobile app. The app allows you to monitor your home remotely, receive instant alerts, and even communicate with people in your home through the built-in two-way talk functionality.

Canary’s commitment to innovation and user-friendly design has earned them a prominent position among the top home automation companies. Their dedication to providing comprehensive security solutions makes them an ideal choice for homeowners who prioritize safety and convenience. Whether you’re looking to enhance the security of your home or integrate it into your existing smart home setup, Canary offers a range of products and services to meet your needs.

Key Features of Canary’s Home Security Systems:

  • High-definition security camera
  • Built-in siren for extra deterrence
  • Air monitoring capabilities to ensure a healthy living environment
  • Easy-to-use mobile app for remote monitoring and control
  • Two-way talk functionality for communication with people in your home
  • Compatibility with other smart home devices and platforms

With their state-of-the-art technology and commitment to customer satisfaction, Canary continues to be a leader in the home security and automation industry.

August Homes

When it comes to home automation companies, August Homes stands out as a top player in the industry. Since its establishment in 2012, August Homes has been dedicated to enhancing security and embracing technological advancements in the realm of smart lock systems. With a wide range of smart locks, doorbell cameras, and other accessories, August Homes offers homeowners innovative solutions to protect and automate their homes.

What sets August Homes apart is their commitment to cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interfaces. With over 55 registered patents, they continue to lead the way in developing state-of-the-art home automation products. Their smart locks provide convenience and peace of mind, allowing homeowners to control access to their homes remotely and monitor activities with ease.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home security or enhance your level of convenience, August Homes has a solution for you. Their intuitive products are designed to seamlessly integrate with other smart home devices, allowing for a comprehensive and interconnected smart home ecosystem.

The Benefits of August Homes Smart Locks:

  • Enhanced security: Protect your home and loved ones with advanced smart lock technology.
  • Convenient access: Grant or revoke access to your home remotely, providing keyless entry options for family members, friends, or service providers.
  • Smart integrations: August Homes smart locks can be integrated with other smart home devices, allowing for a truly connected home automation system.
  • Real-time monitoring: Stay informed about who enters or leaves your home with instant notifications and access logs.
  • Easy installation: August Homes smart locks are designed for DIY installation, making it simple to upgrade your home security without the need for professional assistance.

“August Homes has revolutionized the way we secure our homes. Their smart lock systems provide a perfect blend of convenience and security, allowing homeowners to control access and monitor their homes with ease.” – Smart Home Magazine

With their focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, August Homes has earned its place among the top home automation companies. Their commitment to enhancing the home automation experience through smart lock systems continues to drive their success in the industry.

Stay tuned as we explore more top home automation companies and the innovative solutions they offer for transforming your home into a smart, connected haven.

August Homes Smart Locks


HomeSeer has been at the forefront of home automation technology for the past 20 years, making them one of the top home automation companies in the industry. They are known for their innovative smart home hubs that integrate automation and security controls for various aspects of the home, including lights, garage doors, temperature, door locks, water valves, and security cameras. With HomeSeer, you can easily manage and control your smart home devices from a centralized hub, providing convenience and peace of mind.

One of the key strengths of HomeSeer is their emphasis on easy setup and automation capabilities. Their user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it simple for homeowners to configure and customize their smart home system according to their preferences. Whether you’re a tech-savvy enthusiast or new to home automation, HomeSeer offers a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Another advantage of HomeSeer is their compatibility with a wide range of third-party devices and platforms. Their smart home hubs can integrate with popular brands and protocols, allowing you to expand your home automation system as needed. With HomeSeer, you can create a truly interconnected and personalized smart home ecosystem that suits your lifestyle.

HomeSeer’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction sets them apart from other home automation companies. They continuously update their products and software to incorporate the latest advancements in technology, ensuring that you have access to cutting-edge features and capabilities.

When it comes to home automation, HomeSeer is a trusted name that delivers reliable and high-quality solutions. Whether you want to enhance your home security, improve energy efficiency, or simply enjoy the convenience of a smart home, HomeSeer has the smart home hub that can make it happen.

Key Features of HomeSeerBenefits
Integration with a wide range of smart devices and protocolsExpand and customize your smart home system
Easy setup and intuitive user interfaceNo technical expertise required
Automation capabilities for enhanced convenienceAutomate routine tasks and create personalized scenes
Regular software updates and compatibility with new technologiesStay up-to-date with the latest advancements in home automation
Reliable performance and customer supportTrustworthy home automation solutions and assistance


Control4 is a leading provider of home automation software and integrated automation systems for both residential and commercial properties. With their user-friendly networking solutions, Control4 has revolutionized the way people interact with their smart homes.

Control4’s home automation software allows homeowners to control various aspects of their homes, including lighting, video, audio, and security systems, all from one centralized interface. With just a few taps on their smartphones or tablets, users can adjust the lighting, stream music throughout the house, monitor security cameras, and much more.

One of Control4’s key strengths is their commitment to seamless integration. Their systems can easily integrate with a wide range of smart home devices, allowing users to create custom automation scenarios and routines. For example, with Control4, you can set up a “Goodnight” routine that automatically turns off all lights, locks the doors, and adjusts the temperature before you go to bed.

What sets Control4 apart from other home automation companies is their focus on delivering a truly immersive and personalized smart home experience. Their products and systems have been installed in over 400,000 homes worldwide, making them a trusted choice for homeowners who want the best in home automation technology.

Control4 Integrated Automation Systems

Control4 offers a range of integrated automation systems that seamlessly connect and control various devices in your home. Here are some examples:

Lighting ControlControl and automate the lights in your home for enhanced convenience and energy efficiency.
Video DistributionDistribute high-quality video content to multiple rooms and displays in your home.
Whole-Home AudioStream music and other audio content to different zones or rooms in your house simultaneously.
Security and SurveillanceMonitor and manage security cameras, door locks, and alarms for a safer and more secure home.
Climate ControlControl and automate temperature settings to create a comfortable environment in your home.

With Control4 integrated automation systems, you can enjoy the benefits of a fully connected and automated home, all controlled from the convenience of your smart devices.

Control4 Home Automation Software

Key Features of Vera’s Home Automation Solutions:

  • Intuitive controllers for seamless home management
  • Wide selection of security cameras for advanced surveillance
  • Personalized setup assistance for easy installation
  • User-friendly interfaces for effortless control
  • Compatibility with various devices and systems

Notion: Simplifying Home Automation Solutions

When it comes to home automation solutions, Notion is a standout company. Founded in 2014, Notion has made a name for itself by focusing on security solutions and simplifying technology for homeowners. With their innovative products and dedication to safety, Notion has emerged as one of the top home automation companies in the industry.

One of Notion’s key offerings is their range of sensors, designed to monitor various aspects of your home. From motion detection to temperature and water monitoring, these sensors provide valuable insights and alerts to keep your home safe and secure. Through the Notion app, you can receive real-time notifications and take immediate action, giving you peace of mind whether you’re at home or away.

Notion also excels in smart lock integration, allowing you to seamlessly control and monitor your locks from anywhere. With their smart lock solutions, you can easily grant access to family members, friends, or service providers, all from your smartphone. Not only does this enhance convenience, but it also adds an extra layer of security to your home.

Beyond their extensive product lineup, Notion also offers personalized set-up assistance to ensure that your home automation system is tailored to your unique needs. Their customer support team is knowledgeable and responsive, providing guidance every step of the way.

Overall, Notion’s commitment to safety, security, and simplifying technology has earned them a well-deserved spot among the top home automation companies. With their innovative sensors, smart lock integration, and exceptional customer support, Notion is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their home automation experience.

Notion home automation solutions

Notion’s Home Automation SolutionsKey Features
Sensors– Motion detection
– Temperature monitoring
– Water monitoring
Smart Lock Integration– Remote lock control
– Access sharing
– Enhanced security
Personalized Set-Up Assistance– Tailored automation system
– Expert guidance


Savant, founded in 2005, is one of the leading global companies in home control and automation. They offer a wide range of products and solutions that aim to enhance convenience and comfort in the home. With their innovative approach and emphasis on integrating automation with mobile technology, Savant has established itself as a top player in the home automation industry.

What sets Savant apart is their commitment to providing seamless control over various aspects of the home. Whether it’s managing lighting, climate control, security systems, or entertainment, Savant’s intuitive interface allows users to effortlessly control and manage their smart home from anywhere.

Savant’s expertise in automation extends beyond the home environment. They also offer solutions for commercial buildings, ensuring that businesses can benefit from the same level of convenience and control. With their extensive product portfolio and dedication to delivering reliable and user-friendly solutions, Savant continues to be at the forefront of the home automation market.


What are the top home automation brands?

The top home automation brands include Canary, August Homes, HomeSeer, Control4, Vera, Notion, and Savant.

What does Canary specialize in?

Canary specializes in home security systems.

What does August Homes offer?

August Homes offers smart lock systems, doorbell cameras, and other accessories.

What does HomeSeer provide?

HomeSeer provides smart home hubs that integrate automation and security controls for various aspects of the home.

What does Control4 offer?

Control4 provides user-friendly networking and home automation software solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

What does Vera specialize in?

Vera specializes in controllers, security cameras, and personalized setup assistance.

What does Notion focus on?

Notion focuses on security solutions and home automation, offering sensors, smart lock integration, and personalized setup assistance.

What does Savant offer?

Savant is a global leader in home control and automation, offering products and solutions to enhance convenience and comfort in the home.

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